Motivational Monday on Instagram!

Hey Polkadot Cuties! One of my goals for 2019 is to be more active on Pcute's social media accounts. I didn't like the feel of the account from when I first started it so I archived the older post and started over. My goal was to create a "pretty" account with lots of cute, bright, happy colors, and really put a lot of thought into my posting. Then I decided I wanted an excuse to post every week so I started doing Motivational Monday! Every Monday I post a new gif with a Motivational Phrase or Quote that I love, accompanied by a cute Pcute original gif!

The response has been so great and it's given me a little routine (and a chance to practice gif making. Something I stopped doing a long time ago!)


Here are the better versions of Week 1-3 since social media compresses the files so much. If you want to find Pcute on Instagram you can find here!