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Polkadot Cute on Society 6

Polkadot Cute on Society 6

Hey Polkadot Cuties!

I launched a temp shop on Society 6 to sell a few designs I made a few years ago that didn't really mesh with Polkadot Cute at the time and to my surprise (and delight!) It started selling. I usually never have luck with these print on demand sites. So I started adding a few more designs to my Society 6 and I'd like to continue to do so.

One of the advantages with print on demand sites is that I am able to offer my customers more items that I am currently unable to offer through me. Things like backpacks travel coffee mugs, phone cases, etc etc. I'm also able to reach more people that wouldn't have known about me otherwise.

The disadvantage is because I am working with a middleman I: Don't get full payments since there is the item price and then what I make on top of that. To keep cost low I get less money..which is why I never put much interest into these sites that only give artist nickles and dimes, but with more sales, it adds up and it's pretty nice to check my earnings and see more orders were placed!

The other disadvantage is I cannot handle any problems you come across with your order. Since everything is made and shipped by S6 I am just the artist that is uploading my work. Any issues you have must be taken up with S6.

I plan to place an order and review a few of the products next month so if you're interested to stay tuned. If you cannot wait and order something now, do tag #PolkadotCute on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so we can see!

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