About Polkadot Cute

Polkadot Cute is a small independent artist made and operated webshop featuring original character and illustration goods inspired by Japanese Pop Culture.
Created by Jennifer Resureccion in 2011
About the Artist
Hello! My name is Jennifer Resurreccion but my artist name is Pijenn!
I'm a self-taught illustrator from the east coast with a passion for being creative, a huge love for animals, and an admiration for Japanese culture. 
Back in 2005, some friends invited me to my first ever anime convention and I was really impressed with all the artist selling their work in the artist alley. It became my goal to join them one day! I started out selling handmade bows in the Japanese Fashion communities on Livejournal. My bows were sent to customers in Germany, Mexico, and the United Kingdom! Then I started to offer my own illustration pieces into the mix and Polkadot Cute was born!

When I'm not working on Polkadot Cute, I'm chasing my rat terrier, Bandit and sharing memes with my friends and family.
For more of my illustrations visit my personal site: www.Pijenn.com