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About Polkadot Cute ❤

Polkadot Cute is a small independent artist shop inspired by Japanese pop culture & everything cute! ❤

As a child, I always loved animals and wanted to work with them. I had briefly entertained the thought of becoming a veterinarian, but a few vet doctor episodes later, I didn't think I would be able to handle not being able to save someone's pet. When I love, I love hard and I always want to see happy, healthy animals like when I draw them! 

So I got the thinking, why not become an illustrator who draws cute animals instead! It was a perfect way to combine my passion for both animals AND art and roll into into one pink bunny shaped-cake! Thus Polkadot Cute was born!

My shop is for the kawaii enthusiast! The whimsical ones who find comfort in simple design and functionality. The ones who draw their power from the color pink, and a friend to all animals.

About the Artist ❤

Hi! If you've read the about Polkadot Cute section above, you're probably wondering now who the "I" behind it is. Well, it's me! Pijenn! My name is Jenn R. and I am the one woman show behind Polkadot Cute! I'm a native Marylander who likes animals, coffee, anime,shopping, video games, Cosplay, Lolita Fashion, Japanese culture, my friends and family, and of course CREATING! 

I don't really have a lot of formal education or degrees when it comes to art. My brother started my interest in drawing and I've been pretty much self-taught since then. I did attend school for Graphic Design, but I didn't want to spend my life in some shop printing banners and labels. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Oh no. I respect all reputable careers. I just wanted to be the one creating something new! Along with art and animals I always loved the word "entrepreneur" and being my own boss so I left school once I felt like it couldn't do anything else for me.

I've always loved to create things so I'm always experimenting and trying to work in different mediums such as watercolors, needle felting, sewing, embroidery, and mini animations. I just love working with my hands. When I'm not crafting away I enjoy watching Youtube, Playing Pokemon and Animal Corssing and playing with my dogs Bandit & Chewy!