Did you make all of these?

Yes! Everything was created and illustrated by the very same artist that packs the orders, writes the blogs and updates the social media channels. It's a lot of work, but I enjoy being creative!

Will you be attending ______________ con?

Polkadot Cute attends several conventions throughout the year. To find out if we're attending a convention near you, check out our convention schedule. If you don't see your local convention or event posted, send us a message about attending on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. We'd love to attend more conventions and meet more Polkadot Cuties, but hearing from you guys that you want to see Pcute would be even better!

Unfortunately, we are not interested in attending nonlocal, 1-day only shows.

Are you affiliated with -Insert Other Indie Kawaii Store-? 

Polkadot Cute is not associated with any other shops or brands. We in an entirely separate galaxy!☆ 

Are all of your items handmade?
A majority of the items are handmade or at least hand assembled. Sometimes I send my designs for production, but then I'll assemble the pieces myself.